1917 WW1 Diary of Gunner Lawrence Enderson Grimshaw (A/Cpl) 112573 Royal Garrison Artillery

First diary entry 1/1/1917

On the Somme, not so bad for new years day. Attached to the 49th Siege Battery. What a place I wouldn’t have told anyone about this place. I hope we are not here long.

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Look where we are… we should be at Blackpool 27th May 1917

Look at the day and where we are… some 4000 yards from St Quentin when we ought to be up Preston New Road, or Blackpool

Saturday 26th May 1917

Next diary entry tomorrow

Friday 25th May 1917

No diary entry today (next diary entry on 27th May 1917)

Thursday 24th May 1917

No diary entry today

A day off and walk in the woods 23rd May 1917

Day off and what a lovely day, had a sleep in the morning and now in the woods. There’s plenty of lilies growing. In England this would cost you sixpence? Easily.

Had two teeth out! 22nd May 1917

Down to Foreste H.A.G. 62nd two teeth out. Very wet day. Just fancy me riding among the French. I am now waiting for our ration dowry. Received letter from Jim Aspen.

Making a dug out 21st May 1917

Making a dug out, for a gun team. We get allsorts of jobs out here.

Sunday 20th May 1917

44 deg 35 rounds… That’s the highest that we have fired at yet

Saturday 19th May 1917

No diary entry today (Next diary entry tomorrow)

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