1917 WW1 Diary of Gunner Lawrence Enderson Grimshaw (A/Cpl) 112573 Royal Garrison Artillery

First diary entry 1/1/1917

On the Somme, not so bad for new years day. Attached to the 49th Siege Battery. What a place I wouldn’t have told anyone about this place. I hope we are not here long.

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Trones Wood 25th February 1917

Trones wood today twice. Parcel and letter from Florrie.

Bit frosty 24th February 1917

A bit frosty this morning but not so bad 7 days. Belfast. Wrote to…?

It’s a hell of a place! 23rd February 1917

Somewhere on the Somme and it’s a hell of a place. Hardly anything to eat. They say we are winning but I don’t know. Very foggy 1 75L No mail. Had the first drop of rum in my life.

Up to the neck in mud 22nd February 1917

Raining again up to the neck in mud. Albert and Ethel. No mail.

Not feeling very well 21st February 1917

What a day messing about until about 3 o’clock and then action raining nearly all day. Wrote a letter home not feeling very well.

Shrove Tuesday 20th February 1917

Shrove Tuesday but no pancakes… nothing to eat never mind pancakes! For three days we’ve hardly had anything to eat. If only they knew in England what we are going through the war would not last five minutes. Albert and I down on the line after rations and its raining like hell. No mail.

Something doing 19th February 1917

What a day something doing at 8pm s.o.s 177 10 L but did not last long. Letters from Home and paper

Off duty 18th February 1917

Off duty. Parcel from home and a letter from Ethel and Albert wrote to Tom Holden, Thomas and W Watt

Very foggy 17th February 1917

Very foggy today and doing nothing only messing about. Raining this morning but not very hard.

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