1917 WW1 Diary of Gunner Lawrence Enderson Grimshaw (A/Cpl) 112573 Royal Garrison Artillery

First diary entry 1/1/1917

On the Somme, not so bad for new years day. Attached to the 49th Siege Battery. What a place I wouldn’t have told anyone about this place. I hope we are not here long.

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Moved to another hospital 27th April 1917

Arrived at this other hospital but I think it’s only for a day or two. I don’t know what to call this place. I haven’t been out yet just out of the grounds in one of the loveliest churches I have seen. Weather lovely.

Out in Nesle today… a very nice place 26th April 1917

Out in Nesle today. Well it’s a very nice place but I would sooner have an English village.
I saw many interesting things as to what the Germans have left but taking it on the whole they haven’t knocked it about as much as other villages.
Going to another hospital a bit further down the line.

Old Fritzy has left some fine work behind 25th April 1917

Another lovely day. Had a walk around the town and its a very nice place. Old fritzy has left some fine work behind and he thinks a lot more of their dead soldiers than what we do.

Getting up after dinner 24th April 1917

Doctors just been round about 10 o’clock. I can get up after dinner. It’s a lovely day sun shining but a bit cold outside

Up today for two hours 23rd April 1917

Another lovely day just like summer. I hope to get up this afternoon but I don’t know yet. Up today for about two hours.

Taking time to recover 22nd April 1917

What a lovely day but still in bed. I am a lot better but I fancy it will take a long time to be the same again.

Still feeling somewhat weak 21st April 1917

This is a kind of convalescent camp or other hospital. The doctor hasn’t been round yet but I hope to get up today. I have had 10 days in bed now and I’m feeling somewhat weak

Only bread and milk 20th April 1917

Sun shining Nesle. After arriving in this new hospital they found us a bed and lockers. Got to sleep. Very nice doctors which I have come across but not good food only milk and a piece of bread but never mind better days in store.

Off to another hospital in Nesle 19th April 1917

Still in hospital. After seeing the M.O.  (Medical Officer) he sent me along with some more fellows down to another hospital in a place called Nesle.

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