1917 WW1 Diary of Gunner Lawrence Enderson Grimshaw (A/Cpl) 112573 Royal Garrison Artillery

Wednesday 10th October 1917

No diary entry again. I can’t wait until Gunner Grimshaw starts writing again on the 12th October 1917


Tuesday 9th October 1917

No diary entry Next entry starts on 12th October 1917

Monday 8th October 1917

No diary entry today

Sunday 7th October 1917

No diary entry today

Saturday 6th October 1917

No diary entry by Gunner Grimshaw today

I don’t know what things are coming to! 5th October 1917

Here we are again on duty 5 o’clock parade. I don’t know what things are coming to!

A new way with the guns 4th October 1917

On duty now and don’t know when we shall get away. They are trying a new way with the gun teams, 10 men on a gun and have to stop on.1507139552737981264882

Wednesday 3rd October 1917

No diary entry today by Gunner Grimshaw. He’s probably helping to get the guns back in action! He writes again tomorrow.

What a lucky escape! 2nd October 1917

No 3 gun again premature what a lucky escape nobody killed or wounded, just in the middle of a straff giving old fritzy hell! I’ve never seen a gun like that before nearly blown to bits left half! No guns

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