1917 WW1 Diary of Gunner Lawrence Enderson Grimshaw (A/Cpl) 112573 Royal Garrison Artillery

I shall never forget this lot! 14th August 1917

10:30pm starts the big push and what a night. Gas shells again! I shall never forget this lot. For 3 hours he straffed the road with gas shells it was awful!

What a game! Old Fritz puts number 4 & 3 guns out of action 13th August 1917

Old Fritz put 4 and 3 guns out of action and what a game. He got among our billets again and didn’t forget to put some 5-9 on. Bullivent and Coe wounded Coe not so bad.

Photos of graves of the crew of number 4 gun killed on 12th August 1917 RIP

These photos were taken on our visit to the Somme (29th July 2017 to the 5th August 2017) tracing the footsteps of Gunner Grimshaw.

5 killed on No 4 Gun! 12th August 1917

One shell on No 4 gun. Killed 5 and wounded 6 what a night! I don’t want any more nights like that. Wallbank, Steele, Richards, Bennett and Sweeney killed.

Footnote: War Graves Commission records show that Serjeant John Sweeney died on 13th August 1917 and buried along with John Bennett at Noeux les Mines Communal Cemetery. W Wallbank A Steele J Richards were buried at Maroc Cemetery near Marzingarbe.

Fritzy’s shelling and gas shells! 11th August 1917

J Sumner wounded. Fritzy’s shelling and gas shells what a night! 173-0L 10MR. Old Fritzy’s shelling our billet 5 rounds gun fire. (some pencil scribbles over entry so difficult to read)

Gas shells at night! 10th August 1917

Just moved our billet and a good job too for he’s knocked down the house that we left. Sumner? Wounded. What a life! Gas shells at night.

Thursday 9th August 1917

Gunner Grimshaw writes again tomorrow

Wednesday 8th August 1917

No diary entry from Gunner Grimshaw. He writes again on 10th August 1917 and describes the “big push” over the following days

Tuesday 7th August 1917

Gunner Grimshaw is again too busy to write a diary entry today

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